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Size 98 X 60 Framed Mirrors

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Custom Framed Mirrors

Please note that the largest mirror we can fit into a delivery truck is 100 inch x 60 inch. Below are 0 frames available for size 98 x 60 mirror. If you do not see a frame you like available for size 98x60, please try changing to a smaller size or contact us. Price Includes: custom sized mirror, high quality commercial grade frame, z-bar hanging system, safety backing tape on mirror, free shipping & delivery. View our collection of gold frames, black frames, white frames, silver frames, espresso frames, or search by keywords:

Oversized 98 x 60 bathroom mirror

  • Dimension in in.: 98 inch wide x 60 inch high
  • Dimension in ft.: 8 ft. 2/12 by 5 ft.
  • Custom beveled mirror
  • Great for bar, drawing room, conference room, dining room, fireplace, TV room, dressing room and more
  • Built to last a life time
  • Made in Houston, TX, USA
  • Tags: modern mirrors, vanity mirrors, large framed mirrors, unique mirrors

Great for sitting room, restroom, wine cellar, home office, billiard room and more

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