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Supplier For Commercial Framed Mirror

Dedicated wholesale team

We have a dedicated team to help wholesale clients with bulk discount rates for apartment, condo, hotel, casino, resort, salon, restaurant, or any other interior design project that requires 10 or more mirrors.

All order sizes are welcome, we can build and ship any order size from 1 mirror to 650+ commercial bathroom mirrors. You are welcome to order matching frame mouldings or assorted frame mouldings in different sizes for an interior design or real estate development project. Please send us your inquiries using the form to the right.

Special moulding / frame styles

If your project requires a moulding you do not see here on the website we may be able to build it, just send us an image and any dimensions of the moulding you may have.

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Mirror Supplier & Manufacture

MirrorLot is one of a very few supplier that can build and ship custom sizing and custom framing for bathroom mirrors and decor mirrors. It's never been easier to design your own custom framed mirror with the exact size and style that you want and have it delivered right to your door step. All MirrorLot mirrors are thick glass mirror framed with very high quality moulding and secured with category II safety backing tape. View more here...

Buying From The Source

Every mirror that we sell is done in house from assembling, to framing, to packaging, even the box that we used to ship the mirrors is designed and built by us. We are the manufacture and retailer for all the MirrorLot mirrors. Buying directly from the source allow you to have the true quality at the best price.

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For Home Decor & Businesses

Whether you just need one mirror for your home or 250 mirrors in the same frame styles in different sizes for an interior design project, we are the right vendor to talk to. Interior designers, salon owners, and entrepreneurs have been trusting us with their projects for over 30 years. Our works can be found all over the country in top hotels, casinos, resorts, salons, restaurants, boutique stores, and more.

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